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Costumes in Episode 9 and 10

In episode 9 the students of the famous Sungkyunkwan Institute are protesting against Lee Yeong's decision to postpone the civil service exam. It's the first time we see the students in their formal attire. They're wearing plain white undergarments, pants and dongari. Over it they wear a long and sleeveless vest in blue color which held by a black and white belt. The outfit is completed with the hat called yugeon:

In this episode we also get to see several outfits of the Little Princess. She is usually always wearing a red or pink chima and over it several different types of jeogori. In the first picture she is wearing a blue jeogori with a pretty flower stitching on it. In the second picture the jeogori is yellow and has a tiny purple butterfly stitched on the collar. She is also wearing a sleeveless, long vest in a lighter blue shade in the 3rd image and it's worn over the jeogori. As you may have noticed the sleeves of her jeogoris are made of different colors stripes it's called saekdong or saekdongot. It's mostly worn by children because the playfullness of the the sleeves indicates innocence. Like the women she is also wearing tiny dwikkoji and cheopji in her hair:

We also have the pleasure to see Lady Suk-ui again, the mother of the Little Princess. Unlike the younger women in the palace she is wearing more muted color but still very pretty hanbok. The silver ornaments on the collar of her jeogori are indicating her status as a concubine. And even though it's hard to see she is also wearing a beautiful norigae on the ribbon of the jacket. The ornaments in her hair – the binyeo which holds together her jjeokjin meori in the back, the dwikkoji and the cheopji on top of her hat – are matching eachother in color:

Talking about beautiful dwikkoji – here the ones worn by Ha Yeon in this episode:

And we may not like him but Minister Kim is wearing a beautiful dark green sleeveless vest, jeonbok, over a plain white durumagi:

And Kim Hun is wearing a olive colored durumagi – I love the texture of the fabric, it looks down to earth in a way unlike Kim Hun actually is – with a jeongjagwan:

Meanwhile Lee Yeong looks almost youthful and just like the man in love he is with his light pink and light blue/greyish durugmagi. We also get a good look at his black and white shoes called taesahye – we also see them on Ra On and Yoon Sung. In the screenshot we also see Dasan who is wearing baji (pants) and a long jeogori in the colors dark green and brown. His shoes are black and called heukhye – those are also worn by Ra On inside the palace.

And then in the last scene we finally get to see Ra On in another hanbok. It's a very plain one made of better quality cotton I would say. Yet the light pink and purple color of the chima and the light yellow of the jeogori mirrors Lee Yeong's costume I just mentioned. She is wearing her hair back in another loose daengi. I didn't get a good screenshot of it but I wanted to show the shoes she is wearing. They're called danghye and are worn by women. They're usually made with silk and embroidered, just like the one Ra On's wearing:

In episode 10 for the first time we get to see Lee Yeong's undergarments or sleeping attire. I really love it be honest. And no I'm not a pervert I just adore the pleated part of the durumagi and it looks so soft. I don't know... I think I really love this costume:

And we get to see slimed-down Princess Myeong-Eun who is wearing a beautiful red chima with a golden bordure – showing her high status – and a jeogori and over it another sleeveless vest. She is still going strong wearing the rose cheopji on top of her head and decent dwikkoji:

Master Jung is wearing a dark green palace official attire called gwanbok with a rank badge in the front and back. On top of his head he is wearing a samo:

Yet another favourite combo of mine is Dasan and Lee Yeong meeting. For once they almost wear matching outfits. Dasan is wearing a very light mint colored durumagi made of cotton and a gat. Meanwhile Lee Yeong is wearing a light beige silky durugmagi with a flower pattern on it and a gat with fitting gatkeun, beads:

A highlight in this episode was Eunuch Han in his dark durugmagi with a golden cloud pattern on it. I love that his outfit fits his position in the White Cloud Organisation. He is also wearing a type of strawhat called satgat:

When Ra On and Lee Yeong want to meet eachother to see Dasan I noticed YET AGAIN they're wearing color-coordinated outfits. These two really. While Ra On is wearing a light blue durumagi with a gat and fitting gatkeun. Lee Yeong is wearing another favourite outfit, a light blue durumagi and over it another dark blue durumagi with short sleeves. He is also wearing a gat with silver/green gatkeun adorning it:

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