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Costumes in Episode 13, 14 and 15

So as they weren't many new costumes in the episodes after episode 12 I will do the next three episodes in one post. The wedding attire will be an extra post.

In episode 13 Ra On asks Ha Yeon to take good care of Lee Yeong, that she is a fitting woman for him. We see Ha Yeon yet again looking like a flower with her green chima (skirt) and the pink jeogori (jacket) which i adorned with golden butterflies. Overall the hanbok is – despite the bright colors – very simple. Same goes for the jangot (a long overcoat used by noble ladies as a veil), she has draped over the arm.

Her hair is adorned with a cheopji (hair ornament on top of the head) looking like it's made of jade and dwikkojis (hairpins worn at the side of the head).

We also get a look at Princess Myeong-Eun's hanbok. I have a feeling her hanboks are little less mature than the ones for Ha Yeon. She always feels a bit younger. She is wearing a bright orange chima (skirt) and I love the jeogori (jacket) which is adorned with ornaments, flower embroidery. She as well has her hair adorned with cheopji and dwikkojis.

But my favourite shot is the one of her shoes... GOSH I LOVE HER SHOES! They're called unhye and they're made of silk and are usually embroidered with flowers and clouds (sorry for the blurry screenshot). The shoes are definitely modern because they have a heel.

With his family planning to find the daughter of Hong Gyeong-nae, Yoon Sung's attire changes from bright to more dark and settled. In the screenshot he is wearing a dark purple and with gold/silver flowers embroidered durumagi (overcoat). His gat (hat) is adorned with a black and simple gatkeun (chain of beads attached to the gat).

In episode 14 though when Yoon Sung saving Ra On from being caught we see him wearing a simple yet light blue silk durumagi. Yet it looks very clean I love the flower pattern on the silk:

When Ra On leaves the palace she also leaves behind her eunuch attire and her durumagis she wore on occasions outside the palace. She is now wearing commoner clothes made of cotton or linen, a plain baji (pants) and long jeogori (jacket). Her hair is more messy, also because she isn't wearing a manggeon (headband) anymore.

We also get another glance at Ha Yeon beautiful hair ornaments:

And another GORGEOUS durumagi (overcoat) worn by Yoon Sung. He is so extravagant! A true yangban. It's all in black and gold and the durumagi made of silk is embroidered with golden flowers.

And then we see Ha Yeon dressed in a high noble lady attire. She is wearing a red/orange chima (skirt) and a peach-colored long jeogori (jacket) with golden ornaments, showing her status as future Crown Princess. The front of the jeogori is adorned with a round ornament, simply indicating her high status now:

In the scene from episode 14 and episode 15 when Lee Yeong goes to see Ra On he is wearing a dark green/blue durumagi. I also love how you can see how many layers he is wearing. They really went for authentic when it comes to costumes. We also get a glimpse of his shoes, called taesahye.

Also a glimpse of the Minister of Justice – in red – and his minion – in blue and gold. Both are wearing jeongrip (a type of head) with beads. Colors of the uniform usually indicate the rank/status:

Then a scene which made all the Yoon Sung fans go cry and yell in happiness. He saved the little princess and brought her to the evil queen's mother who is wearing a gorgeous black chima and a bordeaux colored jeogori with flower patterns on it. She is wearing her hair in the style of a married woman, called jjeokjin meori. The hair is brought to the back in a bun, held with a binyeo (hairpin), and the bun is adorned with more hairpins (dwikkoji). But she isn't married but she is wearing the hair like that because she is a kisaeng and a woman who had sex is usually wearing her hair like that. Especially when she is older. She might be the mother of the kisaeng house?

Meanwhile Yoon Sung is wearing a beautiful light green durumagi with flower pattern on it and a white textured collar. The gatkeun on his gat is fitting the color scheme:

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