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Costumes in Episode 7 and 8

In episode 7 Kim Hun is wearing a gorgeous silk durumagi in a muted yellow/gold color... I don't know but I think this my favourite costume for him. I think it's so pretty and the color fits him and his age. He is wearing the gat with the wood bead string, called gatkeun:

We also get a better look of Ha Yeon in her hanbok. Yet again it's a very plain light colored hanbok which is adorned with a pendant-like ornament called norigae which is attached to the bow of her jeogori. She is also wearing hairpins on the side of her head, dwikkoji, and the flower ornament on top of her head called cheopji:

She is on her way to the gardens where she finds Lee Yeong reading. Wearing fitting to the garden motif he is wearing light green silk durumagi with a white flower print on it. Underneath he is wearing a white undercoat with a tinge of yellow at the color. And he is wearing my favourite donggot, hair piece to hold together the bun. Btw I have a weakness for the belt because it fits Lee Yeong's, and therefore Park Bo Gum's, body so perfectly. No regrets! In the second picture we also get a good look at Ha Yeon's hairstyle. This hairstyle is only worn by unmarried women during that time while married women have to style their hair into a braided bun. The end of Ha Yeon's braided plait is covered with red embroidered ribbon called ddaengi:

Yet another gorgeous durumagi seen on Minister Cho... I just love that he isn't wearing silk all the time. His wood green durumagi looks like the fabric is a mix of cotton and silk with a pretty flower print on it – he is also wearing jeongjagwan, a hat we've also seen on Kim Hun:

And here a close-up of the same hanbok worn by Ha Yeon – but without the norigae and she is wearing the bee dwikkoji instead:

The episode ends with Lee Yeong seeing Ra On dressed as a girl... I love that she is wearing a hanbok which is different from Ha Yeon's very traditional hanbok. It shows the difference between the two girls and als emphasizes what Lee Yeong is seeing in Ra On. She is wearing a modernized version of a hanbok. She is wearing an apricot colored chima with white flowers on it and the most beautiful jeogori I've ever seen. It looks like it's made of hundreds of white blossoms. Unlike the jeogoris we've seen before the one Ra On is wearing is a bit longer in the front and the back. Her hair is styled in a very loose version of the daenggi meori, the hairstyle for unmarried women, and she is putting a dwikkoji in her hair which has apricot colored flowers and pearls in it:

In episode 8 Ra On tells Yoon Sung she doesn't want to leave the palace in this scene Yoon Sung is wearing a beautiful durumagi made out of grey silk with flower patterns on it and a dark purple color. We also get a good look at the fitting gatkeun on his gat:

We also get to see Ha Yeon in different hanboks. In the first picture she wears very plain hanbok – the chima in grey color and the jeogori in a bright pink color with purple ribbon. It's not made of a silk. She is wearing two types of dwikkoji and a cheopji shaped as a white flower. In the second picture the hanbok looks a bit more extravagant. The bright blue jeogori is adorned with a butterfly and a flower while the chima is in a bright pink. It's a beautiful contrast. Yet again she is wearing the bee dwikkoji and the flower cheopji:

She is wearing the same hanbok when she meets Yoon Sung – her future husband at that time. He is wearing one of my favourite durumagis for him, made of silk and with tiny red and yellow flower patterns on it:

When Ha Yeon is meeting Lee Yeong yet again we get a good look at the hairpieces she is wearing. My favourite dwikkoji is probably the one with the flowers made of jade in the 2nd screencap. She is also wearing a different jeogori with a golden butterfly on it:

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