Sunday, 9 October 2016

Costumes in Episode 6

In episode 6 we see the Kim Clan scheming their next move against Lee Yeong but we also get a good look at their court attire. Like Yoon Sung they wear silky durumagis in dark shades of red – indicating their high status at court. If you remember red is usually the color of the King. But all the court officials who are in the political factions. But as you can see in the picture Kim Hun's attire is in a different shade. While the fellow Kims wear almost a shade of purple the color of his clothes is closer to the one of the King. That's due to his higher status as the father-in-law of the king and as the prime minister:

Then we see Minister Cho entering the palace with Ha Yeon. As you can see she is wearing the jangot which looks like a skirt but is actually solely used as a veil. It's used by noble ladies to cover themselves while being outside the house. Hence why Ha Yeon as soon as she gets out of the palanquin is putting on top of her head:

Later Ha Yeon is wandering around in the palace and we see her really pretty hanbok... which is actually pretty simple. Her jeogori is in a light pink shade and the skirt in a light green shade. It gives the impression of a flower. The ribbon which holds the jeogori together is fixed with a tiny brooch:

Before she meets Lee Yeong we see him practicing his archery skills and he is wearing yet again his gorgeous archery attire with a broad dark red and embroidered belt. One of my favourite outfits he is wearing inside the palace:

In this episode things escalate between Ra On and Lee Yeong... and Ra On and the Chinese envoy. Ra On is put into jail and Lee Yeong comes to see her. Again – even though the scene isn't meant to be romantic – the colors of their clothes are matching. Ra On is wearing the plain white jail attire while Lee Yeong is wearing the black durumagi made out of cotton and a very plain hairpiece. The motif of ying and yang is back:

We get a scene with Kim Hun and Minister Cho and Kim Hun proposing to merge both their families via marriage. I really like their outfits in this scene because it shows them outside the palace in a more casual attire. And while last time it was Minister Cho's turn to be plain this time it's Kim Hun who is wearing durumagi in a olive shade while Minister is wearing a silky dark green durumagi. They both complement each other. And they both wear a type of straw hat called bangnip:

Meanwhile Byung Yeon is wearing one of my favourite costumes on him in this episode. He usually wears pretty plain black combat clothes but in this case I just love the structure and texture of the fabric:

He is wearing another pretty costume in the scene before he and Lee Yeong attack the Chinese convoy. I love the shot of the scene as well. We see Byung Yeon on in the front with and then the scene shifts to Lee Yeong in the back:

Lee Yeong is wearing yet again one of these almost see-through durumagis in a pretty dark purple color. The color purple as the color red is often associated with nobility and power. It also comes close to the status of a King and in the moment Lee Yeong meets the investigator from China he is acting as regent or king:

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