Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Costumes in Episode 11 and 12

In episode 11 we get another look Princess Myung-Eun's hanbok. She is wearing a long sleeved jeogori (jacket) and over it a pink sleeveless vest with a beautiful flower pattern embroidered on it. Her hair is adorned with the dwikkoji (hairpin) on the sider of her head and a cheopji (another name for a hairpin) on top of her head:

In a flashback we get to see young Lee Yeong in his classic Crown Prince attire and his mother in a hanbok worth a queen but if you compare it too the evil Queen's attire Lee Yeong's mother is very simple but yet beautiful. She is wearing a light pink jeogori (jacket) with golden ornaments on it and a black chima (skirt) with golden ornaments as well. And in her hair the phoenix cheopji (hairpin on top of the head), showing she is the Queen, and a golden phoenix binyeo (hairpin which holds together the bun in the back) and another hairpin adorning the bun. Overall a very simply look for a queen:

When Lee Yeong is going to see Dasan we also get a look at one of his outfits and those are always such a contrast to what Lee Yeong is wearing. While Dasan is wearing a cotton baji (pants) and a simple cotton jeogori (jacket) with long sleeves in brown, grey and green color, Lee Yeong sitting next to him is wearing another favourite outfit of mine: a durumagi (long overcoat) in a blue color with long sleeves and over it another durumagi but with short sleeves in a dark blue color. The collar is adorned with a flower pattern. He is also wearing a gat (hat) with a white gatkeun (the bead chain attached to the gat):

Then we get another extravagant costume for Yoon Sung. A durumagi in a dark shade of purple with flower patterns on it. Underneath he is wearing a long-sleeved silk durumagi in a off-white color. He, as well, is wearing a gat with a gatkeun made of light greenish and purple beads:

And now for another couple outfit I will go into for episode 12 but here we get a wonderful shot of Lee Yeong waiting for Dasan. He is wearing a mustard-colored long-sleeved durumagi and a purple durumagi over it. The belt of his costume is adorned with green beads. And he is weaing a gat with a silver gatkeun:

Interlude: For cinematography freaks like me

And a short sneakpeak of uri OTP wearing yet again couple outfits:

In episode 12 we get a look at two hanboks of Ra On's mother – both are very plain, yet I love them because I just adore the texture of those hanboks made of cotton or linen. Like Dasan the colors are very muted and earthy. Unlike the noble ladies she isn't wearing any hairpins apart from the binyeo, the hairpin which holds together the bun in the back:

So now for the couple costumes in episode 10 we already saw both, Lee Yeong and Ra On, wearing outfits in a blue color scheme when they were supposed to meet Dasan. It shows that after Ra On tried to be the one who is reasonable they're now completely committed to this love for eachother. And the outfits in episode 11 and 12 continues this pattern. While Lee Yeong is wearing the same costume as in episode 11 Ra On is wearing a durumagi in a lighter shade of purple. I just can't with these two dressing up like modern Korean couples do:

During the fight scene we see another very casual outfit for Lee Yeong. I think apart from his clothes for bed this is the plainest costume I've seen on him. Just something I imagined him to wear when he doesn't have any official meetings anymore:

Yoon Sung is probably wearing another favourite costume of mine for him. A silk durumagi in a dark shade of red with white flower patterns on it. Underneath he is wearing a silver/greyish colored undercoat

And in the next scene with Yoon Sung he is wearing a gorgeous silver casual durumagi:

And then of course something extra because how can I not post this shot of Ra On and Lee Yeong backhugging. Also: Lee Yeong is said bed attire.....

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